Welcome to my Microsoft Marketplace price calculator. It isn't much to look at, but it works. Provided "as-is", if conversions are incorrect or you lose money or whatnot, that's your own problem. Currency conversion rates and the formula's used are listed at the bottom.

If this is useful to you, please donate for the time I put in.

Regards, JorritJ

- The PLN and CZK currencies are hard-coded, actual values may differ!
- There is some conflicting information regarding Poland. Marketplace uses the formula for EUR, and in the forum it has been stated by MS that Poland uses EUR. However, they don't actually use EUR in Poland, but PLN ! Also, when entering the price in the developer portal, Zloty (PLN) is stated, not EUR.
- All the formula's that are currently still missing (and marked in red) are at the time of this writing for countries where we can't actually set a price yet.

- Enter your base price and press calculate to convert it to prices for other markets.
- Use a dot, not a comma, for decimal separator! For example: 0.99 is correct, 0,99 is wrong.
- In the "Price (suggested)" column usually two prices will be listed. The one in bold is the closest fit to the calculated price.
- If the calculated price is below the minimum price for the currency in question, only the minimum price is shown (in bold).
- If the calculated price is above the maximum price for the currency in question, only the maximum price is shown (in bold).
- If the calculated price matches the formula exactly, only one price is shown (in bold).

Internal calculation formula
EUR, minimum 0.89, increment 0.50, maximum 349.89
AUD, minimum 1.39, increment 1.00, maximum 594.39
USD, minimum 0.99, increment 1.00, maximum 499.99
CAD, minimum 1.09, increment 1.00, maximum 539.09
GBP, minimum 0.69, increment 0.50, maximum 299.69
DKK, minimum 6.50, increment 5.00, maximum 2621.50
HKD, minimum 8.00, increment 8.00, maximum 3872.00
INR, minimum 50.00, increment 50.00, maximum 24000.00
BRL, minimum 2.30, increment 2.00, maximum 914.30
JPY, minimum 100.00, increment 100.00, maximum 47700.00
MXN, minimum 15.00, increment 10.00, maximum 6495.00
NZD, minimum 1.69, increment 1.50, maximum 744.19
NOK, minimum 8.00, increment 6.00, maximum 3056.00
RUB, minimum 35.00, increment 35.00, maximum 14525.00
SGD, minimum 1.60, increment 1.50, maximum 718.60
TWD, minimum 34.00, increment 34.00, maximum 16150.00
SEK, minimum 9.00, increment 7.00, maximum 3572.00
CHF, minimum 1.19, increment 1.00, maximum 509.19
KRW, minimum 1300.00, increment 1300.00, maximum 579800.00
PLN, minimum 0.89, increment 0.50, maximum 349.89

Internal currency data (synced every hour)
EUR 1.00 = EUR 1
EUR 1.00 = PLN 3.9926
EUR 1.00 = CZK 25.88