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v0.5 - April 16, 2010

Enough with the password protected RARs already!

Since mid-2009 it has become more and more common for password protected packages to be posted to usenet. Another common issue is missing articles and not having enough repair blocks. Waiting for your downloads to finish just to find out you either cannot extract the package or it is unrepairable is highly annoying.

And thus, I present you with nzbSCAN, which can detect password protected RARs and missing articles before you bother to actually download the complete package, and it is fairly quick at that.

This is meant to be an extra check for 'handyness' before downloading. If you run into passworded RARs a LOT, there might be some info you are missing: almost all password protected packages are also available on usenet un-passworded. If you are looking for something specific, first try finding the exact release name (using for example a predb), and search for that. Then try downloading the oldest posting, this is the most likely one to be un-passworded. The newer the posting, the higher the chance it is passworded. Also, the likelyhood of a package containing .partXXX.rar files being password protected is higher than it is for .rXX based packages.



The scan (including article presence) on the screenshot took 23 seconds and 2.5 MB transfer.

nzbSCAN does not come with an installer at the moment, nor does it include a configuration screen. So installation is rather manual. It's not that complicated, though.

Things you should know (MUST READ)

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Download nzbscan.rar (625 KB)

If you need to contact me, click the donate link above, it shows my email address at the top of the page. Please prefix the subject of your email with [nzbscan]. I might even answer, but no guarantees.

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