This page is about my Marketplace reports parser. Provided "as-is".

If this is useful to you, please donate for the time I put in.

Regards, JorritJ

MarketPlaceReports is a Win32 utility to parse Marketplace reports and create sane date out of it. It has many options, which can be revealed by just running MarketPlaceReports.exe from the command line without any parameters. By default, MarketPlaceReports output all the information it has.

Combined with Seva Alekseyev's Dash utility and a wget (included in the download) to my Marketplace Calculator, this allows for fully automatic sales report processing.

It will take you some time to set this up properly, and it's not particularly user friendly, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it!

* Parses all fulfillment reports it can find in both XML and ZIP (!) form
* Automatically removes doubles from overlapping reports
* Renames reports automatically so browser downloads will not interfere
* Outputs detailed sales information in sCSV format (by default to console, use the > operator to dump to a file)
* A lot of formatting options to give you the information in the way you want it
* Per-product and market currency and price settings
* Convert totals to the currency of your choice

Used files

Included in the download. This is the main executable that performs all the parsing and calculation.

Included in the download. Can be used to retrieve files from the internet, see "currency.txt" below

Optional, get it from Seva's site linked above. Can be used to automatically generate and download a marketplace report file. Please be sure to read and understand Seva's usage notes!

Make this file yourself and put it in the same folder as the files above. It contains the prices of your products in cents. The format is as follows:
Note that if you run MarketPlaceReports with the default parameters, the output will contain a listing of all products that have been sold according to the reports. If the price is missing for a certain skuid it will show up as ???.

Make this file yourself. It contains currency conversion rates. Unlike prices, this is not a CSV, but a text file. The format is a bit strange and I will not elaborate on it because this file can be automatically generated from my Marketplace Calculator with the following command:
wget --output-document=currency.txt

Full usage example
* Create a new folder somewhere on your system, and put MarketPlaceReports.exe, wget.exe, and dash.exe in this folder.
* Create the prices.csv and currency.txt files as described above.
* Create a subfolder named 'reports'.
* Manually generate a 90-day report on Marketplace, download it, and put it in the 'reports' subfolder.
* Open the command line, go to the folder you put the exe's in, and run "MarketPlaceReports".
* Play with the parameters to MarketPlaceReports.exe so it creates the report how you want it. Remember MarketPlaceReports outputs to the console, to create a CSV file do something like this: "MarketPlaceReports.exe --all > out.csv"
* Now that you have the parameters set up as you want them, let's create a script to automate the whole thing, open notepad, copy/paste the following:
@echo off
cd reports
cd ..
wget --output-document=currency.txt
marketplacereports --all > out.csv
start out.csv
Adjust the MarketPlaceReports parameters the way you want them and/or remove "start out.csv". For me, the latter opens the output in Excel, you might want to do something else with it. Save the file as something like "go.bat" and the next time you want a sales report you can simply double click "go.bat"! Alternatively, you can do schedule it to run daily. As Dash only retrieves 7-day reports if you run it less than once a week the reports will be missing sales (unless you manually add a 90-day report or something).

Note that this script downloads a new report, and saves it in the reports subfolder. MarketPlaceReports will automatically rename the report so that the next time you run it, the new report will not overwrite the old one, and thus the utility will keep reporting sales from the first sales report you generated onwards.

Download v1.0